Our menu is based upon your event. As a group of culinary trained chefs, we can create the concept, ideas and cater to what YOU want. Not what we can deliver.


We are aware that many restaurants claim to cater, but they will offer you what they know how to make. Not necessarily what you want to have catered.


When you hire us, you will hire a chef that will discuss your cuisine, how the food travels, how it re-heats and how it will impress your guests. 


If you are looking for crab cakes, sushi, Mediterranean food, vegan or vegetarian, gluten free or any other allergy related items, we are the place to turn for your events catering requirements. 


Please contact us on our social media @thisandthatfoodtruck on Instagram or Facebook, or send us an email at hudsonfoodtruck@gmail.com. We guarantee a response in under 24 hours and we will work our hardest to make your event a success.